Our remote support is focused on your company’s main system, your server(s). Keeping your servers (both hardware and software) up and running is the key to a stable ICT infrastructure. Advanced remote control software and a team of professionals on our headquarter keep an eye on your main systems 24 hours a day. 80% Of our SLA’s (Service Level Agreements) exist of a fixed fee for (pro-active) server support. This way you will never have to worry about the heart of your (ICT) stop beating. Our remote server support consist of the following:

Monitoring availability of hard-and software 24/7
Checking log-files for errors and warnings
Checking on back-ups and their reliability
Keeping your software up to date (OS, anti-virus, etc.)
A helpdesk to report problems

We partner/support the following Operating Systems:

Microsoft Certified Partner

Ubuntu Partner

Apple Specialist